Our ultimate goal is to help build a vibrant gaming ecosystem in India by bringing together a community of gaming founders who can help each other. The race has begun for building great games that resonate with a billion plus population. In the coming decade, hundreds of teams will attempt to build some of the most incredible games and IPs in the country. Since this market is unexplored, size and past history don’t really matter.

A five-person team has as much chance of success as a billion dollar established behemoth from the East or West. We are creating an ecosystem of teams which can learn, build, and have fun together, while aiming to create some of the most compelling gaming IPs for the next generation. Great games are a confluence of compelling story which is visualised through appealing art, stitched together by strong game and economy design, powered by efficient engineering to entertain for years.

Pre-Seed Funding


We back well-rounded teams with pre-seed funding. We are looking for a team that’s serious about building games that can monetise for 5 to 10 years.



We guide founders on various aspects like game design, monetisations design, metrics to measure and pitch deck building. We will keep building a panel of external mentors.

Like-Minded Group


We help offer a collaborative space of learning and building which helps founding teams from the ground up. They also create a network which helps as they scale in the future.

Our model to help us both succeed:

team building

Founding team with right balance of game design, art, engineering, and business chops is our ideal team. If your team is lacking any one of these critical areas, we can help in building it.


We invest in pre-seed/seed stage gaming startups that have a prototype available. Our investment should help take the game to beta/launch stage.


Based on our experience, we have built templates which help avoid a number of early stage mistakes and this saves time and get your game out faster.

Raise Funds

Promising games require additional capital if the right metrics are met at beta stage. We help build the story for a pre-Series A or Series A round.