What do we do?

We fund passionate gaming founders in their pre-seed/seed stage. These companies are also mentored around engineering, design, market research, and team building to help build world-class games.

Gaming Accelerator
Gaming Mentors

Why partner with us?

We estimate there are over 1000 gaming teams in India in their pre-seed/seed stage who lack funding, mentorship, understanding of metrics, and other critical know-how’s. With Ventana’s deep network, we intend to accelerate our partner’s time-to-market unlike anyone else.

How do we do this?

Our aim is to make relatively small investments, up to Rs. 1 Crore ($130k) each, in multiple companies with a goal of building a community and then connecting gaming founders to help each other in becoming successful. While our mentors can help in several fronts, we do this because gaming is such a fast changing field that getting peer validation is as important as getting funding and mentorship. We hope to build this grassroots movement so that Indian gaming will leave its mark on the world map.

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